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Friday, 31 October 2008

Rolling Election Results Update (2)

The second set of election results have been announced by Justice Mumba :

Pambashe - PF
Feira - MMD
Chilanga - PF
Chongwe - MMD
Chawama - PF
Kanyama - PF
Mandevu - PF
Matero - PF
Munali - PF
Kapompo east - MMD
Kapompo west - MMD
Solwezi Central - MMD
Solwezi West - MMD
Mazabuka Central - UPND
Sesheke - MMD
Siavonga - UPND

National totals to the nearest hundred.

Sata (Pf) = 361,300
RB (MMD) = 240,900
HH (UPND) = 98,300

As a footnote, these results appear consistent with the profile emerging on
this website.

According to that website, with a third of constituencies in (53/150) - Sata leads 55% (450,275) to RB's 30% (246,074).

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