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Friday, 31 October 2008

Rolling Election Results Update (3)

The third set of election results have been announced by Justice Mumba :

Kalulushi - PF
Ndola Central - PF
Milanzi - MMD
Npika - MMD
Kapoche - MMD
Nchelenge - PF
Mbala - MMD
Mufumbwe - MMD
Choma Central - UPND
Mbabala - UPND
Pemba - UPND
Dundumwezi - UPND
Mapatizya - UPND
Chikankata - UPND
Magoye - UPND
Sinazongwe - UPND

National totals to the nearest hundred (based on 59 constituencies):

Sata (Pf) = 407,600
RB (MMD) = 317,600
HH (UPND) = 186,200

GM (HP) = 7,200

As expected, UPND holding its own in Southern Province.

Also to note that the PF have retained the two seats in Mwansabombwe (not "officially" released) and Ndola Central.

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