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Friday, 31 October 2008

Zambia Election Website

All the latest "unoffical" results can be found on the Zambia Election Results website.


  1. Am a zambian and would like to say at the moment every zambian heart is pumping fast,our anxiety levels have gone very high as we await the final results but one thing that has been threatened in these elections is our heritage,yes our heritage of peace,our last hope as everything is said and done is that we would like to have peace and oh yes peace we will surely have thank you to our united armed forces.

  2. Hi there, it would be good to know who is behind the election website and where they are getting the results from. Does anyone know?

  3. I have been trying to get latest results on the Zambian elections.Please, i would be grateful if you can update your page for patriots abroad.

  4. MMD is looking like a 15,000 to 20,000 winner, looking at raw constituency counts from and making geographically based party distribution and turnout estimates for the remaining 12 constitutencies ( after the correction for Lukulu West counts (which were the same as Lukulu East all morning)). I think we know the new President, and though it is close, unless the numbers were changed before the initial local posting, it appears accurate. I had projected roughly this number before the last 10 constituencies reported and the reports didn't move the estimate by 4,000.

  5. Latest info from Zambia says MMD is now leading, can someone confirm please

  6. Who ever the owner pf this blog is, it is a good initiative, we appreciate it as Zambian living outside Zambia. But please update it regularly, provide us with latest results even though not final

  7. This is what it looks like to me from raw numbers from Nov 1 13:44 post:

    Reprorting Total PF MMD UPND HP
    138 1,659,781 667,511 659,250 306,447 11,970
    92.0% 95.3% 40.2% 39.7% 18.5% 0.7%
    Difference 8,261

    Missing est. Total est.PF est.MMD est.UPND est.HP
    12 82,420 18,250 44,240 19,480 450
    8.0% 4.7% 22.1% 53.7% 23.6% 0.5%
    Difference (25,990)

    Est.Final est. Total est.PF est.MMD est.UPND est.HP
    150 1,742,201 685,761 703,490 325,927 12,420
    100% 100% 39.4% 40.4% 18.7% 0.7%
    Difference (17,729)

    Basically, the remaining 12 constituencies are expected to break about 22% PF and 54% MMD, and this will give victory by the margin above to MMD.

  8. thanks or the update

  9. From the analysis above, does that mean an automatic win for MMD?

  10. Just received info from back home that only 2 constituencies are are remaining to be counted and MMD is leading by wider margine now, such that the 2 remaining constituencies may not make may turn thing around for them.


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