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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BOZ Quarterly Brief (Q4 2008)

The Bank of Zambia Quarterly Brief was released today. Much there in terms of statistics, but nothing real in terms of issues that we have not picked up in the last quarter of discussions here. That said it is interesting to note that the outlook for inflation is now worse following on from various freebies during the campaign, and of course continuous depreciation of the Kwacha. On the flip side, good to see FDI (or pledges of FDI) on the rise : "on a year-to-date basis, investment pledges amounted to US $4,249.6 million compared with the US $1,103.5 million recorded during the corresponding period in 2007."

Report :

Media coverage :
Reuters (19 Nov 2009): Zambia to miss additional 2008 copper revenue target
Reuters (19 Nov 2009) : Zambia says 7 pct GDP growth unlikely for '08

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