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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Election Results 2008 : Final Update

Rupiah Banda has now been officially sworn in as the fourth President of the Republic of Zambia, after a very close and highly contested election.

The Opposition has refused to recognise the new President and will institute court proceedings tomorrow.

The final ECZ tally gave RB 718,359 votes versus 683,150 for Sata. This accords with the
Zambia Elections 2008 total.

In days to come we will discuss what this means for Zambia politically and economically. But for now many thanks to all who kept the information flowing. I received many emails and many updates, including some very exciting projections. I am particularly humbled by all who took deep interest to visit this blog regularly. The number of visits (as recorded by google analytics) in the last two days have been extraordinary. I hope that this interest in the affairs of our country is not just for election days, but represent an important shift in the interest we take on the most pressing issues facing the nation. As another Presidential candidate from another land says "real change comes from the bottom up".

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  1. Thanks for your updates. They helped a lot.


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