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Friday, 14 November 2008

Exit Magande, In Mwaanga

A dramatic reshuffle of government this afternoon has seen Magande lose his job, along with one of the most effective local government ministers in recent times, Silvia Masebo. Its unclear whether both resigned or were fired. No new jobs for Sakwiba Sikota and other leading "opposition figures" that endorsed RB. Also the government remains bloated as ever, although George Kunda now combines two functions.

The new cabinet :

  1. Vice President & Minister of Justice : Hon George Kunda
  2. Minister of Defence : Hon. George Mpombo
  3. Minister of Finance and National Planning : Hon. Situmbeko Musokotwane
  4. Minister of Home Affairs : Hon. Kalombo Mwansa
  5. Minister of Health : Hon. Kapembwa Simbao
  6. Minister of Foreign Affairs : Hon. Kabinga Pande
  7. Minister of Agriculture & Co-operatives : Hon. Dr Brian Chituwo
  8. Minister of Local Government and Housing : Hon. Ben Tetamashimba
  9. Minister of Gender and Development : Hon. Sara Safiyanda
  10. Minister of Commerce, Trade & Industry : Hon. Felix Mutati
  11. Minister of Communication and Transport : Hon. Dora Siliya
  12. Minister of Community Development and Social Services : Hon. Michael Kaingu
  13. Minister of Education Hon. Prof. Geofrey Lungwangwa
  14. Minister of Energy and Water Development Hon. Kenneth Konga
  15. Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Hon. Ronie Shikapwasha
  16. Minister of Labour and Social Security Hon. Austin Lyato
  17. Minister of Lands Hon. Bradford Machila
  18. Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Hon. Manswel Mwale
  19. Minister of Science, Technology and Vocational Training Hon. Peter Daka
  20. Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development Hon. Kenneth Chipungu
  21. Minister of Tourism, Environment, Natural Resources Hon. Cathrine Namugala
  22. Minister of Works and Supply Hon. Mike Mulongoti
  23. Chief whip VJ Mwaanga


  1. There is a video presentation of the announcment of the new cabinet here:

  2. Is there anywhere else I can get a wholesome profile of Dr. Musokotwane? I have tried th web and the best I can get is a mbendi profile detailing the positions he has held. Would appreciate a link or direction

  3. I don't think there's anything more than you have been able to get via mdendi..

  4. Hi AfriWoman,

    I have searched for a few articles with quotations from dr. Musokotwane here.


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