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Sunday, 23 November 2008

NCC Discussion Updates (New Timeline)

The New Vice President, George Kunda has set out a new deadline for the NCC to conclude its work. Apparently the NCC will now complete its work by December next year so that the country can have a new Constitution before the 2011 elections, in the process guaranteeing quite a steady stream of income for the participants.

In the meantime, you may have heard that the NCC has finally realised that a website is necessary. Last month, Mr Chifumu Banda (NCC Chairman) announced that the NCC was planning to launch its website to provide downloadable information on anything concerning the NCC including its mandate, composition and verbatim debates in order to enhance public participation. In his words, “Through this website, stakeholders including members of the public will be able to make their views and demands known through the ‘have your say’ window". Not sure it will solve the
fundamental problem with the NCC , but it should hopefully allow some sort of archive for people to dig in at their leisure!

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