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Saturday, 1 November 2008

"Unoffical" Election Results Update (2)

The Zambia Election Website tally has now reached 148 constituencies, with 100% verification. However, there are some minor differences with the "official" ECZ totals:

PF (Sata) : 683,789
MMD (RB) : 707,079
UPND (HH) : 346,571
HP (GM) : 13,249

Void : 23,193

Its likely that the final difference between the Pf and MMD will be 30k votes or not more than 3 constituencies.


  1. ECZ has released an updated with one more constituency (total 149):

    MMD 714,967 40.0%
    PF 682,725 38.2%
    UPND 351,458 19.7%
    HP 13,608 0.8%

    I note that the OFFICIAL PF count for 149 constituencies is LESS than the UNOFFICIAL '100% verified' count for 148 constituencies, so something appears to be amiss. No bearing on the result though (unless it’s symptomatic of something more widespread) - the election is Banda's...for the courts to take away?

  2. Sikongo, Western Province is the remaining constituency, I think.

    Several newsfeeds are reporting rioting last night in Lusaka. Hope this does not escalate or spread.

  3. FINAL results from ECZ:

    Banda (MMD) ........ 718,359 ... 40.09%
    Sata (PF) .......... 683,150 ... 38.13%
    Hichilema (UNPD) ... 353,018 ... 19.70%
    Miyanda (HP) ........ 13,683 .... 0.76%

    Now I hope court actions are conclusded in days rather than years!

  4. Banda (MMD) ........ 718,359 ... 40.09%
    Sata (PF) .......... 683,150 ... 38.13%
    Hichilema (UNPD) ... 353,018 ... 19.70%
    Miyanda (HP) ........ 13,683 .... 0.76%

    If the PF and UPND had merged, it would be a different picture. Together, they would have 57.83% of the vote - all things remaining equal.

  5. "All things being equal".....the question is whether they can remain equal. I suspect if HH was on the ticket as VP....(this is why we need running mates, it helps cross regional / tribal / ideological boundaries)....they would still lose some votes..may be 5%.....unfortunately in our country, we still have people who subscribe to the Namugala statements "Bembas have ruled enough"....


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