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Saturday, 1 November 2008

"Unoffical" Election Results Update

At this stage of the process, it appears from all independent sources and various projections that indeed Rupiah Banda is headed for victory. Apologies for all those that have emailed for updates. I was taking a rest after much waiting through the night and early morning. So here is how Zambia Election Website puts it, with 95% verification :

Totals (144/150 Constituencies)

PF : 679,082
MMD : 688,190

UPND: 323,409
HP : 12,640

Void : 21,725

Several projections from remaining 6 constituencies suggests to me that it is a RB victory.

A final update following the "official" ECZ annoucement later.


  1. Is a recount inevitable? I hope Sata can control his tongue while this is performed and any investigation of his allegations are properly investigated - more inflammatory comments would not instil confidence that he will be a good president.

  2. Did I say deja vu before? Lol...


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