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Monday, 1 December 2008

Linking Zambia (Dying Hope of A Zambian - blog)

A new Zambian political blog - Dying Hope Of A Zambian


  1. Cho,

    I wanted to see your analysis of the presidential inaugural speech. Did you write anything yet?

    I read it but I found rather vague and lacked specifics on improving education, economic security, job creation and a host of issues affecting an ordinary citizen.

    Reading the presidential inaugural speech it really sound good. It was good to note the President reaffirming his commitment to campaign promises. To me it sounded like a piece form your heart Sir. Zambia cannot wait to see development. As I read through i realized your speech was heavy on rhetorical promises and very thin on substance. You promised to up-hold democratic principles yet government is waging a war against the media and free speech. You promised to create a formidable middle income group but you did not specify how we will get
    there. Education is the corner stone of every nation, but what is the

    The past few decades we have been promised all sorts of things, I hope you give us a vision and plan. Zambians know what should be done, but
    the biggest question is, how do we get there from where we are?

  2. Lawrence,

    I have no specifically assessed the President's speech, but I wrote where I offer a few words of advice.

    I did flag up the speech - RB's Inauguration Speech and discussions are taking place there.

    As you note, the challenge is the "how" and also Banda faces enormous challenges. I think 2011 may come too soon for him.


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