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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Fallout from the Financial Crisis

The OECD has released a series of 2 page notes on the potential fallout from the financial crisis. Atleast two of them cite Zambia's delicate position. Nothing new that we have not touched on, but nevertheless useful as summary notes.

The Fallout from the Financial Crisis (1): Emerging Markets under Stress

The Fallout from the Financial Crisis (2): External Debt Sustainability Should More Be Done for the Poor?

The Fallout from the Financial Crisis (3): Will Aid Budgets Fall Victim to the Credit Crisis?

The Fallout from the Financial Crisis (4): Implications for FDI to Developing Countries

The Fallout from the Financial Crisis (5): The End of Public Support for Development Aid?

1 comment:

  1. The message from Japan (and not the imaginary Japan that freemarketeers project onto that country's economic history):

    Japan and Korea never developed through 'free trade' and 'free markets', but through protecting national industries and government involvement.

    From The Post:

    Masaka advises Zambia against borrowing

    “If we are to analyse the current financial problems, and until the crisis, economists told us globalisation and deregulation of regulations, adopting of money markets or to say markets must be free…that we have to leave everything to the market. That kind of golden rule is no more valid. We must stick to our own way. We mustn’t follow Western ways particularly if you borrow the money from international institutions; many conditionalities come and the economy in the African countries is dropping down. I don’t recommend borrowing money from the international organisations as a country basis.”


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