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Tuesday, 27 January 2009


" I believe that our government is of the right size, representative and effective. I know that there have been calls from many sections of society to reduce the size of our Cabinet, but I think it is the right size. As for seminars, they are a matter which can be resolved. It is a good idea to cut down on expenditure, but certainly not cutting down on Cabinet..."
Vice President George Kunda making the case for a bloated cabinet last week in Parliament. To be fair to him, one might plausably argue that the "right size" of government is determined ex post. To some extent, whether the government is bloated or not could largely be judged by how effective or efficiently it operates. Mr Kunda would have us believe that the current governmet is operating effective, and by extension it is necessarily the "right size". I think he would find very few supporters outside his inner circle. Incidentally, he has also fallen into the fallacy of 'tribal balancing'. The role for the Executive is certainly not there to be 'representative' that's the role for parliament.

Previous blogs have touched on these issues - see On the need for smaller government...

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