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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Kuti waseka....

“Let us bear in mind that in Africa there is witchcraft and the vice-president might bewitch the Republican president in order to take over the presidency...”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is Presidential Affairs Minister Gabriel Namulambe putting his case across on why we should not have running mates. I fear the NCC has now descended into a farce. The quality of the contributions have been declining at an exponential rate, especially from those holding government positions. Well atleast they keep us entertained!


  1. Witchcraft. In the Constitution. This is the same government that wants Diaspora members to sell tourism and investment in Zambia to people abroad? Well, I just gave up on that. Fire this man and I will reconsider.

  2. Is Zambian politics dumbing down?

    This man deserves an award; a McLaughlin award! Hand it to him even before the years ends. He's too outstanding.

  3. lol!!

    We get the constitution (and leadership) we deserve I suppose.

    I sense I am about to get more depressed with today's budget.

  4. Mozambique: 'Witches' Accused of Preventing Rainfall

    30 January 2009

    Maputo — At least one person died, and two were injured in rioting in Nicoadala district, in the central Mozambican province of Zambezia, when an angry crowd attacked the homes of "witches" who were blamed for the lack of rainfall in the district.

    According to a report in Friday's issue of the Beira daily paper "Diario de Mocambique", the incident took place on Thursday in the Nicoadala locality of Ionge, where the police had to intervene to protect the supposed witches from the wrath of a superstitious mob.

    When the police arrested the ringleaders, the crowd turned against them and hurled stones at the police, accusing them of taking the side of the witches. In the ensuing clash, the police killed one of the rioters, and injured two others. Ten policeman were injured, two of them seriously, according to the spokesperson for the Zambezia police command, Ernesto Serrote. 12 of the rioters were detained.

    This was not an isolated incident. Two weeks ago, at Mixixine, in the neighbouring district of Namacurra, a mob burnt down the homes of nine people, who had allegedly cast spells to prevent the rain from falling. On Wednesday, at Nanuinho, on the outskirts of the provincial capital, Quelimane, the house of another alleged witch was destroyed.

    The Zambezia police are investigating the source of the rumours about witches and poor rains, and have also dispatched policemen into the countryside to persuade the population not to try and solve community problems, which in this case have natural causes, by resorting to violence,.

    Copyright © 2009 Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique.

    Meanwhile, closer to home . . .

    64 year old man escapes lynching

    January 29, 2009

    A 64 year old man of Libubu village in Lukulu district, who is suspected of practicing witchcraft, has escaped lynching when angry villagers attacked him.

    Raymond Kamukuye and his family escaped death after two men armed with traditional guns stormed his home after rumours went round in village that he was practicing witchcraft. After realizing that he had escaped, the duo burnt his house.

    Kashizhi ward councilor, Kakaba Kapalu, expressed disappointment at the action the villagers took saying mob justice was against the laws of Zambia.

    He has since called on well wishers to assist the family with food and shelter since their entire property was destroyed in the fire.

    And Lukulu District Commissioner Edward Kasempa has directed that all activities of witch finding should be stopped.

    He said people were wrongfully accused of witchcraft and suffered at the hands of villagers.

    Mr. Kasempa said accusing people of witchcraft was primitive and it caused divisions and death in the community.

    He pointed out that such accusations have also undermined development in the country.

    He has since instructed police officers to arrest the two men and anyone who was found practicing witch finding in his district.


  5. Yakima,

    The stories are plenty!!

    In Tanzania they have banned 'witch doctors' recently following the albino killings.

  6. CF

    I actually received protections from a witchdoctor, lol. I threw it though. Well he s right about 1 thing. When people believe in it, it exists, even though it's only in the mind of people. But it has a major impact on social life: an old girlfriend tried to bewitch me with a dinnermeal so id go back to her, a succesfull friend who refuses to distribute his money in the fathers paternal village is said to be bewitched by his wife,... I got stories about witchcraft, lol... The funny thing is that people with a phd actually believe in it!


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