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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ministerial Statement : CIA Ghost Prisons

Ministerial Statement made to Parliament on 29th January, 2009 by the Minister of Defence on the Network of CIA Ghost Prisons. This issue has been heavily trailed in the media following the Guardian story.


  1. the government might deny it but these secret prisons are there ,there is no flame without fire in the near future all this shall come to light and we shall see whether those media reports were true or knowledge it true those secret cia prisons are there?God bless and lets prepare to Him.

  2. The process of extraordinary rendition as practiced by the US for at least the last ten years was first exposed by rather innocent means, hobbyists actually. There are people around the world who like to watch airports. Some of these people also like to keep track of the tail numbers on planes that they watch take off and land. Rendition flights began to show up as anomalies at first, which later formed a pattern, which then got journalists curious and took the whole thing out of the realm of conspiracy theory and into the light. So, if you wish to know for certain whether or not there is such a prison active in Zambia, watch the airports.


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