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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Passport renewal petition...

Lusaka Times is spearheading some petition to GRZ on the new passport deadlines. The audio link to the first teleconference is here. Its always wonderful to see citizens take the initiative and seek change for themselves.

It appears the concerns of many are as articulated by
Gershom. Perhaps my bemoaning of lack of coordination among the diaspora was premature.


  1. The link to the passport petition is here:

    Passport Petition

    The Petition

    We the undersigned, hereby request Government to phase out the old passports.Let the Zambians abroad use their passports until their visas, permits or passports expire- which ever comes first. Zambians should be allowed to move in and out of Zambia freely until their passport expires upon which they will apply for the new passport.

  2. I am due to travel to UK on the 1-2 June, 2009. my passport was just recently renewed after the old one get full. Now i am having to face the same hussle of renewing a passport that has netiher expired nor gotten full. It is very inconveniencing.

    My plea is that the government should consider an open ended extension to those whose passports are still valid and have adequate pages. For me, it means having to redo my work permits into a new passport which is equally a tedious process here in RSA.

    i hope the governments can listen ! Augustine Mkandawire, Cape Town

  3. I urge the government not to mess with us. This is a cheap way of raising funds from zambians living outside. You were not able to offer us jobs there and now you want to bother us while we are busy trying to make an honest living. Do you know what an inconvinience all this is? Let us use our passports until they expire officially and please fire the person or persons that suggested this!No forethought whatsoever except for the greedy monetary gain perceived. Scandalous!

    Ba Mwape

  4. Am beginning to think the whole scheme was a scam! Other than that, it was yet another classic case of poor planning, execution, coordination, you name it; it was poor.

    The government used a legitimate excuse, security, which together with the timetable it claimed was forced upon it by IATA, to implement half-baked plans.

    The problem with the Zambian passport is not so much lack of security in itself, but more to do with the process of obtaining one. My understanding is that there're probably more Asians, Nigerians, Somalians, and many other non-Zambians carrying genuine Zambian passports, than there are those carrying forged passports.

    What, if anything, is government doing to address that?

    I've heard horror some stories from people who have been caught up by this new passport fiasco. Some people have been been waiting more than six months, and still waiting, others had to apply for the latest ones soon after obtaining new passports of the old type, and some have been stuck unable to travel outside their countries of residence for business, holiday, etc because of delayed passports.

    The government is oblivious to the cost to individuals and families. In fact, why don't we make them aware? People could post their actual or estimated costs (anonymously or otherwise). I'll start:

    My cost, including travel to and from London (3 trips in all, because the ZHC don't answer phones), plus time off work, DHL expenses, can be estimated at £400, for 2 passports!

  5. My passport has expired and its taking freaking long to get it renewed...its been six months and no results...the zambian embassy in DC sucks big time....

  6. is this so you can take lots of plane rides because Jamie knows from you other post how well you love plane rides!
    never had a passport because i have never needed one unless I was to win a pile of money then I could come and climb all those stairs! by the way do they have camp sights because I figure 4days I should make it to the top! I just don't know what I would have to take for the plane ride there!


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