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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Zambia Diaspora Connect Blog

We have created a new blog - Zambia Diaspora Connect - to bring together issues related to the Zambia Diaspora, as we work with GRZ to make progress on many issues. The blog will serve as a focal point for the initiative. In particular it will facilitate the ongoing consultation [ Zambia Diaspora E-Conference 2008 Preliminary Report (Consultation) ], highlight new research and papers related to the Zambia diaspora, news related to the network, and most importantly provide a platform for serious ongoing debate on diaspora related issues.

I hope that readers of the Zambian Economist will make it a habit to visit that blog regularly to share views and information on diaspora related matters. We'll aspire to ensure that Zambia Diaspora Connect is non-political and well managed as a platform for diaspora related dialogue.


  1. please let us know how we can be part of this process by posting the dates when the e conference is scheduled to take place or is it just a matter of sending a posting?

  2. Guy,

    The e-conference took place in 2008. We are consulting on the outcomes of that one and we have posted the report. See

    The next e-conference is October 2009. The details

    Between now and then we would like to take forward the recommendations contained in the preliminary report.

    I encourage you to sign up on the diaspora connect blog to receive updates.

    We are also working to create a database of interested Zambians.

  3. Zambians abroad urged to help the govt
    January 26, 2009

    Government has called on Zambians living in the diaspora to assist implement government’s efforts in addressing problems the country is currently going through.

    Energy and Water Development Minister Kenneth Konga said government was committed to promoting Public Private Participation in order to enhance development in the country.

    Mr. Konga said this yesterday during the launch of Europa Drilling Services (EDS), a new company involved in providing drilling services which is been spearheaded by Zambians living in the United Kingdom.



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