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Monday, 5 January 2009

Zambia Diaspora E-Conference 2008 Preliminary Report (Consultation)

We have finally got round to releasing the preliminary report of the Zambia Diaspora E-Conference 2008 for a three week consultation. Views are invited from all members of the Zambian diaspora and friends of Zambia. All exchanges reflected on this website forms part of this broader consultation. Your thoughts and comments are crucial as we put together the next steps, finalise recommendations and work with the Government in taking them forward. The report is also embedded below for ease of access .
Zambia Diaspora E-Conference 2008 - Preliminary Report

Update (8 January 2008) : Positive coverage in The Post.


  1. I am actually quite impressed that the preliminary report covers a lot off issues that Zambians abroad would like to have addressed. However I note that the Zambian Govt. points out that zambians abroad should show some intention or allegiance to assisting Zambia in its development via supporting/being involved in charitable organisations in Zambia. I am yet to hear of an association that supports a charity or NGO in Zambia
    or maybe I am wrong?

  2. K,

    Glad you like the report.

    In terms of the Zambian Government requirements for "support", we are in full agreement.

    The report makes it clear that we recognise Zambia has invested in its diaspora primarily through early health care and of course education, as well as other things. It rightly wants some return on these things. The Zambian diaspora agrees, but we also recognise the opportunity that "open doors" may bring to us. We stand to benefit significantly from this new relationship.

    The key is to make this a two-way relationship. A win-win for Zambia and its diaspora.

    That the government recognises and is the foundation for this new initiative


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