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Monday, 2 February 2009

Blogging Africa

I was sent a link by the publishers of the 100 Best Blogs for Learning About Africa, who wanted me to bring it your attention in case would find it interesting. I was both comforted to know we are there, but also disappointed at the state of African blogging in general. Its not as informative as I thought it would be. With the exception of three or four, it tends to focus on the politics, dominated by western africans, obsessed with Zimbabwe and South Africa, and very little on intellectual dialogue. But summaries are dangerous, so I hope someone will give me pointers to where I can find useful blogs on Africa which are regularly updated.


  1. I was posted as a 'political' blog but that was true earlier coz of the Kenya political problems... Oh, well... I am back to 'business'..

  2. what else are you reading? as in other blogs..


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