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Friday, 6 February 2009

One licence to rule them all?

Another positive move from Dora Siliya. It appears that she is turning the corner :

Zambia to offer unified telecom licenses, The Standard, 3 February 2009

The Zambian government has announced it will introduce unified licenses to cater to diverse telecommunications operations including mobile telephony, Internet services, satellite transmission, broadcasting and other related technologies.

Zambia joins many other African countries including Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Nigeria in providing one license for an array of services in order to attract investment by international service providers who feared to invest in the country because of restrictive license conditions.

Several African countries are now focusing on the provision of data, Internet backbone and video conferencing in addition to voice services to boost telecom in the region through harmonization of license procedures.

The move by the Zambian government to introduce one license for the telecom services follows the applications by Zambian mobile service providers and media organizations for licenses that would enable service providers to operate 3G services.

"Operators in Zambia had applied for licenses to introduce and operate third-generation telecom services, and I’m now taking a bill to parliament that would allow us to introduce unified licenses," said Minister of Communications and Transport Dora Siliya.

Pan-African mobile service provider Zain and the Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) last year lobbied a parliamentary committee on information and broadcasting to make adjustments that would address issues of IT convergence. PAZA is an association for the media industry in Zambia.

The announcement to introduce unified licenses comes only a few days after Siliya announced that the Zambian government was also deregulating the international gateway in order to promote competition and investment in the telecom sector.


  1. Unbelievable, but if true it's about time! The govt has proved to be the stumbling block in ICT development in the country so far. And it was all in the name protecting Zamtel's revenue. Now it's probably clear to the govt that it's the private sector that will drive ICT and not the govt!

  2. Dora BS(B*LL^HIT)can provide investors the reality of buying offers from an official and ooops she is listed under the task force. We investors want talks with all alvailable and not busy for other appointments yet many ministries and agencies are involved for the correct processing of these licenses. We dont feel safe when authorities later tell us there are irregularities yet it was the same regime and ruling party enjoying our appreciation for such incentives advertised lamely by learning journalists.

  3. Visualize zambia open to the outside world at the kind of relations faired by us literate scholars who find zambia a culture we wish to illustrate in writing than taking pictures of the unknown zoos and national wildlife parks. Find us trustworthy or we redirect or investments elsewhere without stating our own cultures as liablities earned as enemies.


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