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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Quick Links

Zambian diaspora reprieve? The Home Affairs Minister has sent a strong signal that he has heard the cries of the diaspora and may extend the passport renewal process.

Kenyan MPs Pay Reaches Sh1.4 Million Monthly : The exceptionally high salaries of Kenyan politicians.

The Places We Live features panoramic photos of slums, narrated by the people who live there (through translators). (HT: SA Economy Nous).

India's $20 laptop : India is planning to produce a low cost laptop intended for use by school children and students. It is planned to use wireless to connect and have 2GB of memory onboard.


  1. The $20 laptop is complete nonsense.

    They should have stopped writing the article when it became apparent that the guys didn't know if it was going to cost $10 or $100 or possibly some other number. There are no miracles of efficiency coming from the Indian government.

    I did see one _real_ laptop that cost $150. It was rubbish. 1 GB flash drive instead of a harddrive, 128 MB RAM and a 400 Mhz MIPS processor.

    You can buy an Asus EEE for under $300 and those are nice. 16 G flash, 1 GB RAM and 1Ghz Intel Atom.

    -Error 27

  2. It appears the Indian $20 laptop is not quite what it is, according to new developments.

  3. Why not change the name from laptop to another gadget and give me the $20 sample for a name


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