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Friday, 13 February 2009

Quick Links

Morgan Tsvangirai's Inauguration speech : The full transcript of Morgan's acceptance speech as Prime Minister.

Court backs S Africa exile vote : South Africans living abroad should be allowed to vote, according to a ruling by Pretoria High Court

Micah Challenge Zambia on 2009 Budget : An interesting response from the NGO to the 2009 budget.

Passport deadline extended : GRZ has extended the deadline for renewal of old passports from February 28 to May 31, 2009.

Women, children and illegal mining : An interesting set of photos from the Picture Monger of illegal mining in Kafue.


  1. Medecins Sons Frontieres has released a new report on the current state of health delivery services in Zimbabwe, entitled Beyond Cholera: Zimbabwe's Worsening Crisis. Needless to say it is not good news.

  2. Catholic Information Services is reporting alarming conditions for Zimbabwean refugees being held in the Musina refugee camp in South Africa. The situation as reported is deplorable, and the government of South Africa has much to answer in this matter.


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