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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Quick Links

With thanks to Yakima for most of these quick links :

Cellphones tap wisdom of the crowds : The New Scientist describes a company called txteagle that pays people to complete short tasks via text message.

Pay Cut: How Helpful to Nigeria's Situation? : This Day reports on reaction to the announcement of salary cuts for Nigerian government officials.

Thousands of Refugees Suffer in South Africa : Catholic Information Services is reporting alarming conditions for Zimbabwean refugees being held in the Musina refugee camp in South Africa.

'We're Artists Now, Not Just Souvenir Makers' : IPS on Swaziland's House on Fire, a multi-purpose venue designed to provide artists of all kinds with a common platform by which to reach tourists and the general public.

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  1. IRIN has a report on the newly released Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee's Urban Food Security Assessment: January 2009 National Report.
    Unfortunately the UN site hosting the full report is down for the moment, but theoretically should appear here eventually. It appears that the process of rebuilding household wealth and purchasing power in Zimbabwe may be a long one.


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