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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Quick Links

Corruption in Water Sector Makes Clean Water A Pipedream : IPS on the rampant corruption in the Zambia water sector.

New NGO Helps Zambia's Disabled Find Work : VOA on how group of disabled people are starting their own businesses, and helping to end unemployment and discrimination in Solwezi.

Shunned hydro may solve Southern Africa's power woes : making the case for hydro-power as the solution to Southern Africa's problems.

Land titles are hard to come by : MS Zambia on the elusive quest for land titles.

"Diamonds Are Not Forever'' : Its getting heated in Botswana as the diamond market crunch leads to job losses.

Using the Rand Makes Zimbabwe 'South Africa's Province' : IPS on Zimbabwe's on-going negotiation to be part of the Rand monetary union.


  1. I know lots of people are very worried or upset about the proposed increase in electricity tariffs, and this is understandable. However, Zambia is no longer a net electricity exporter, but instead is a net electricity importer. Here's approximately what customers in neighboring countries are paying (as well as SA/PRC/USA for further comparison).

    Average Residential/Commercial/Industrial Electricity Tariffs, 2008 (except PRC), all prices in round ZMK per kWh:

    = Proposed '09 = 306/323/192

    === Zambia === 170/212/109

    === Angola === 218/230/129

    === Namibia === 633/599/409

    == Botswana == 364/358/246

    === Zimbabwe == 39/28/17

    = Mozambique = 694/840/308

    === Malawi === 213/370/230

    === Tanzania == 437/482/370

    === Kenya ==== 549/666/487

    === Uganda == 1344/1322/638

    ==== USA ==== 616/557/386

    = China (Sept. '07) = 243

    = South Africa = range 100 to 811 (Eskom tariff schedule is 56 pages long)


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