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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Quote of the week (Dora Vs The Post)

"This House will recall that my ministerial statement in September 2008 over Zamtel indicated that the way forward would be found before the end of 2008. Many companies approached us with an interest to purchase majority share holding in Zamtel. Others applied for a whole new mobile licence. After various consultations, it was clear that the immediate task for the ministry was to undertake a valuation of the assets of Zamtel to ascertain the true value of the company on the open market....The House and the general public may wish to know that none of the companies alluded to earlier, expressed interest to undertake the valuation exercise except RP Capital. As provided for in the Public Procurement Act no. 12 of 2008 RP Capital Group was selected on the basis of limited selection tender process. Pursuant to circular no. 1 of 2009 effective 12 December 2008, the ministerial threshold for consultancy services is ZMK 7 billion. Members may wish to note again that the MoU was signed on 22 December 2008 after the new procurement Act came into effect."

Does she think that the Zambian people are fools and cannot see her lies? To say that she single-sourced RP Capital because they are the only ones who expressed an interest to value Zamtel is simply stupid. By the way, the word stupid is not an insult. It simply means "showing a lack of thought or a lack of good judgement", both of which definitions are true in relation to Dora. She is talking as though she were talking to children. If, as Dora suggests, RP Capital were the only ones who expressed an interest to value Zamtel, when did government invite expressions of interest for companies to value Zamtel? How did RP Capital just wake up in England and decide that Zamtel in Zambia needed valuation?


  1. Chongo
    This would be a good opportunity to hear view on "RP monopoly why most Zambians oppose it?

    You may have a proxy view, you think RP capital is a credible entity for this purpose?

    Do you think they will retain a fair market value of Zamtel assets?
    Can you suggest an alternate entity or process to effect Zamtel privatization?
    Do you think a partial privatization will be enough to revamp Zamtel,also is that by defination the status of parastatal entites that have failed?
    Do you foresee a Zambia Airways scenario in this case?
    Do you think there is any basis to the “strategic institution" argument?

    Lusaka, Zambia

  2. Dora's response has raised more questions than answers.

    It would be necessary to have access to the Public Procurement Act No. 12. How can we have a threshold of K7 Billion for procurement without floating tender publicly (if that is what she means)?

    If all the Ministries can also do selective Tender for Consultancy services to the tune of K7 Billion how much will the total amount to?

    Is that not openning up to corruption tendencies???

    The question of disregarding The AG's advise has not been adequately responded to.The answer to say the least falls short of a response coming from 'an intelligient' woman as RB refers to her.

    Are there 'any' guidelines to this selective Tender process in reference to Public Prucurement Act 12?

    If one looks at the date when this Act became effective and when the MOU was signed alot of other questions come to mind. Tender procedures take long. Did Dora decide to use selective method before the Act became operational?

    I feel sorry for the Lady she does not know what she is doing by the time she realises it will be too late, if it is not already.


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