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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Press Notice : Zambia Diaspora Connect

Zambia Diaspora Connect released today the following statement :

Immediate Release : Government Engagement of Diaspora

31st March 2009 : Zambia Diaspora Connect has been successful in its discussions with government on the Diaspora contributing to the National Indaba to take place on 4-5th April 2009 in Lusaka. The Indaba's theme is "Global Economic Crisis, a Wake-up Call for Transformation". The government has responded positively and in a serious sign of intent with regard to Diaspora engagement, has invited the Diaspora to participate in the Indaba. Zambia Diaspora Connect will lead this team to be headed by Mr. Chasaya Sichilima (our Business and Government Liaison Officer) from Canada and Mr. Paul Lupunga from Australia.

They will be accompanied by Mr. Simon Sakala from Japan, Ms. Ing'utu Palmer from England and Mr. Kazhila Chinsembu from Namibia. Zambia Diaspora Connect included Zambians from other networks in the Diaspora to broaden inclusiveness of the contribution. This opportunity will also be used to present the government with the paper resulting from the Diaspora e-Conference held in October of last year. It is intended that the report will be made available to everyone by the end of this week.

Mr Chasaya Sichilima hailed the development as “a marked positive shift in government and shows that whatever efforts all of us in the Diaspora have been making to ensure our voice is heard in the country's development are beginning to bear fruit”.

Zambia Diaspora Connect considers this first step as vital to surmounting the challenges of our beloved nation.

Zambia Diaspora Connect is a non governmental organisation. It works in partnership with Zambia Diaspora organisations across the globe, Government, civil society, the private sector and others. It also works with multilateral institutions, including the World Bank, United Nations agencies, and the African Union. Further information can be accessed at

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