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Friday, 27 March 2009

The Floods

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  1. So what is it going to take for us to stop these floods?

    I have a few ideas - reforestation, dams, swales to raise the water table, store water in the soil and increase vegetation.

    (The Herald Zimbawe, Xinhua)

    Floods hit Zambia

    LUSAKA. — Heavy rains hitting Zambia’s northwestern Zambezi district and Angola have caused severe floods with several rivers bursting their banks leaving a trail of destruction, the Zambia Daily Mail reported yesterday.

    The downpour flooding the district which borders Angola has left several schools and houses destroyed, with crops either submerged or washed away. One of Zambia’s biggest rivers, the Zambezi River, which starts from Angola has risen by more than 12 meters, Daily Mail said. "I think these are the worst floods I have witnessed here in the last four years I have been district commissioner. I am just coming from the river (Zambezi) and the gauge which we use to measure the water levels has also been submerged and the river is still rising," District Commissioner Abasalom Luwayile said. — Xinhua.


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