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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The business of human trafficking, 2nd Edition

The first lady has been speaking out against the scourge of human trafficking especially with respect to women . A recent post discussed the business of human trafficking. Excerpt from the Daily Mail article :

First Lady Thandiwe Banda has called on African Governments to formulate measures that would help curb trafficking of women and girls on the continent. Mrs Banda said she was concerned with the vice of trafficking women and girls who often end up as sex slaves.

She said it was disheartening to hear of girls getting trafficked from their countries to foreign nations where they were turned into sex slaves. The First Lady observed that women and girls trafficking was real and that African leaders should find solutions to the vice.

She was speaking when she officially opened the All Africa Girls’ Brigade conference at Queens View Hotel in Livingstone yesterday. The theme of the conference is: More than Rubies. She said the female gender should be courageous and denounce women and girls trafficking.

“I am concerned about reports of women and girls trafficking in Africa and I would like this to come to an end. We must ensure that our continent puts in place mechanisms that will help end this trend before it gets out of control. We have heard of how our young girls are now being used as sex slaves. These girls are suffering and the answer is not for us to keep quiet but speak strongly against it,” Mrs Banda said.

Mrs Banda said it was important for women to take an active role in shaping the future of Africa, adding that diversity should be used to confront economic challenges. She said women would only be respected if they asserted themselves in all developmental programmes and decision-making positions.

“We are painfully aware of adverse conditions that have continued impeding the progress of women and girls. These conditions prevent women and girls from fulfilling their potential. The conditions keep women from making valuable contributions to the development of countries,” Mrs Banda said.

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