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Friday, 10 April 2009

Challenging Zain?

Mobile operator MTN Zambia plans to invest $95 million towards upgrades to double its subscriber base. Currently MTN has a subscriber base of just around 700,000 translating into a 15 per cent share of the market and far behind the market leader Zain Zambia at 78%. The hapless ZAMTEL's Cell-Z is at 7%.


  1. Is this the delayed response to Zain's 'One Network', (which has demonstrated its rise and rise)?

    Information on this website suggests "MTN plans to remove roaming fees across all its 22 operations to essentially create a single network as Zain has done," and that Zain plans to link other providers to its 'One Network'. Trials are already underway in Africa and the Middle-East, according to the same link above.

    The source quotes a Zain director of the 'One Network' George Held as having said that, "At any given point in time, a quarter of a million people in East Africa are calling across the three borders at no extra cost and for us that is what it is all about; we are serving the needs of users at minimum cost,"

    Now that is significant and would take some very serious action from the competition to match it. Unfortunately Zambian subscribers have been denied such innovative money saving technology initiatives because of unnecessary complications with the international voice gateway.

  2. Development is all about two choices really. It is all about making SMART or STUPID choices. The energy and telecommunications sectors in Zambia have fallen victim to pseudo nationalism and ignorance.

  3. Good idea for MTN to remove roaming fees in Africa. This will enable businesses to lower their costs and help them compete with other businesses in places such as America where the telecommunications costs are very low.


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