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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Courage under fire...

Another frank and refreshing interview from the the Blog Talk Radio team. The guest this time is Father Frank Bwalya the station manager of Radio Icengelo in Kitwe, a rising social voice in the country, in no small part for his fearless expression on issues affecting the poorest in our society. He's had several run-ins with the current government and was previously incarcerated. During the show he announced that he has just been asked to leave Radio Chengelo due to external pressure on the Roman Catholic Church from the powers-that-be. You can access the show here.


  1. Hats off to Father Frank Bwalya for his fearless, selfless, and most dedicated pursuit of a more perfect democracy in our motherland, Zambia. He surely deserves every bit of support from each and every Zambian who believes Zambia can do better.

  2. Bravo Fr. Bwalya! Time for bootlicking at the expense of development is gone.


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