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Friday, 17 April 2009

The business of human trafficking, 3rd Edition

The Ministry of Home Affairs has weighed in on the human trafficking debate that was picked up by the First Lady last week, noting to ZNBC News that human trafficking is on the increase :

The Ministry of Home affairs has deployed more police officers in border areas to stop human trafficking. Home Affairs Minister, Kalombo Mwansa, says government is determined to address the problem of human trafficking and is doing everything possible to strengthen the fight against the vice.

He says despite serious efforts by government cases of human trafficking are on the increase. Dr. Mwansa said in an interview with ZNBC news that his ministry has provided all necessary facilities in border areas to reduce cases of human trafficking. Dr. Mwansa also said he will soon be meeting with other SADC ministers to share ideas on how best to approach the problem of human trafficking.

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