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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Linking Zambia (The Monitor)

It appears the race for the internet is hotting up. The Monitor has gone live.

Unfortunately these organisations still don't know that RSS is good for you!

Incidentally, I seem to have problem accessing the monitor via explorer but it works perfectly on Safari with the iPhone. Would be interested to know whether people have similar problems and we can inform the Editors.


  1. It loads ok in Firefox, and with one or two errors in IE8. I tried to turn on compatibility mode in IE8 and the whole thing broke; failed to load.

    The Zesco fibres to Namibia have really changed internet browsing in Zambia.

  2. It must be my IE7!

    I tried to use IE8 and gave up ok it.

    It messed my gmail!

    On the internet access, yes it does appear like the papers have finally woken up.

    Internet revenue could transform their operations.

    What I don't get is why the radio stations have not used the net more widely. Phoenix has no website..Neither does QfM or Radio Chengelo.

    Radio Chengelo in particular would be fantastic to have a website. It's part of our heritage!

    Or does

  3. Cho,

    Indeed, as indicated by, the Lusaka Times site is already valued at US$17,000, well above the Post (US$11,000), the Times (US$10,750), ZNBC (US$7,100), the Watchdog (US$5,600), or the newly launched Monitor (US$300).

  4. Yakima,

    Good link!

    I see the Flava FM are taking advantage!

    Its unfortunate The Post appear not to realize folly of subscriptions!


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