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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A President-In-Waiting ?

The Professor was in Sheffield last saturday raising cash for his 2011 presidential bid. A few video clips :

If you are still thirsty for more of the Professor you can see previous video clips here and also check out his website.


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  2. Hi,
    I attended the sheffield event and left totally blank and lost on direction. The speech that the prof read out was ok but lacking seriously in policy implementation. When the question and answer session came on, the prof let me down. Questions were left unanswered and the discussion direction was lost whenever he tried to respond to questions. I doubt he is targeting 2011 seriously. I think he is using it as a platform for publicity so that he can have a strong standing in 2016. If he seriously wants to get the presidency in 2011, he needs to get back to the drawing board or at least tell us that he is cracking a serious joke for the moment.
    Here is a video link from youtube that is a direct response to the sheffield campaign launch by Prof. Chirwa (

  3. Somewhere in that first clip (about 1min10s into it) he says, "I am not interested in intellectuals coming from the outside or somewhere, because there's no mass at the top... I am interested in the grassroots..."I am confused!

  4. Zedian,

    Somewhere in that first clip (about 1min10s into it) he says, "I am not interested in intellectuals coming from the outside or somewhere, because there's no mass at the top... I am interested in the grassroots..."I am confused!I think what he is trying to say is that he doesn't want to be some guy coming from outside who knows it all and will tell people what's right, but that he wants to see change and ideas coming up from the grassroots instead.

    Which is not a bad attitude at all. Certainly a lot better than the usual 'we represent continuity' coming from the usual jobseekers.

  5. Afriwoman,

    Thanks for that link.

    I forgot you are in Sheffield!

    I have to say I like the Professor's passion for Zambia. The man is committed. But like you I am not sure whether he has what it takes to take on the local MMD machine. I do support the idea of him joining an existing party, but I fear for him. lol!

    On the details, you are right that he can do with some finetuning. But that always happens as time progresses. I am sure once he relocates he'll have more information on certain areas etc. His answer on ZESCO was poor...

  6. Cho,

    I also think it's right for him to join an existing party, otherwise it would be ludicrous if everyone with political ambitions had to start their own party. Political "startups" are not always good for the people.

    However, the specific question I'd like answered is, "Why MMD?"

    Since the One Party ideology was dismantled, the subsequent multi-party system, and indeed MMD splinters, have produced various parties with little ideological difference, but rather more personality differences, as we have discussed on this forum before. Indeed some of them left MMD simply because they felt the "anointing hand" touched Levy instead of them! (ok that's a side issue)

    So I think Zambian political parties are mainly characterised in terms of personalities within them, than anything else. As such, I am failing to place Prof Chirwa in the MMD, in any of it's current "split personalities". That's my main point. I may well be wrong.

    And in my opinion, in the absence of any other explanation as to why he decided to join the MMD, I think it's because he saw it as an easier vehicle to the top.

    But in his way there's the uncompromising 'conductor' Ronnie, who thinks he doesn't have a valid ticket!

  7. In fact, I think Prof Chirwa would have fitted in rather well with HH's UPND; they have similar speech styles, charisma (or lack thereof), educated, successful in business, etc, and both have built mansions in cuckoo-land.

  8. I agree, the prof needs to establish himself with an existing and established political party. I've just had a moment where I doubt any of the established parties would take him on though. The simple reason being that whilst the original intentions for forming political parties in Zambia were good, most of the leaders have proven to have fallen in love with the "Power aspect" and parted principally with the original objectives. I doubt there would be room accorded to him for the highest office. However, the proof is in the pudding and MMD have proved that there may well be room to accomodate anyonelese based on how they adopted Rupiah Banda.

  9. I have been watching these video clips for Prof, Chirwa. Like I said in other comments all these old men have nothing to contribute, he is an educated man but he did not articulate on Education, health care and proper job creation and how it would come about. Capital investments. for the Zambian Economy to change towards the right direction we need to have capital investments. his talk was just one of those that "think" they can make some changes. well joining any party is not the problem obviously he stands a good chance to taken advantage of by scrupulous Hungry burgers who would give a vote for a tin of Chibuku.


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