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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Quote of the week (Bishop Mambo)

“Out of the way they [NCC] have directed themselves, there is nothing good to expect. What they came up with yesterday, bena Mabenga behaving like a star, is not helping us in any way. I don’t mind them getting allowances, it’s their entitlement but they should do a good job. But as things stand, they seem to be more obsessed with their pockets than the needs of Zambians. And they seem to have people they are fighting through a new constitution. This is very retrogressive..they are busy treating the Mung’omba recommendations like scrambled eggs. They are treating the Constitution as if it’s a personal document or an MMD document. I am aggrieved as a former commissioner and I wish there could be someone with moral principles in that NCC who could reverse the situation and uphold the people’s wishes."

Bishop John Mambo (The Post)

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