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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Zambia's defining moment?

 Lusaka Gossip speculates on whether Dora Siliya's latest resignation marks a momentary shift in our politics. 


  1. What we should not forget is that Dora tried to hang on to her job until the last minute. The report was released almost a week ago and the findings were very clear. Had Dora been honourable she could have saved the country a lot of unnecessary expense by resigning the moment the POST published the story. She knew the full facts then. This incident also paints a terrible picture for the President. He has been shown to be indecisive. He should have sacked Dora instead of waiting for her to resign. The fight against corruption seems like a long time ago.

  2. In the first place Rupiah Bwezani"Panda" was not supposed to stand as a presidential candidate. Zambians are really now out of touch and a disgrace, they have lost a lot of respect that was be stored upon them; this now becoming more docile from being peaceful. In other words we are saying Zambians have become stupid. Zambians were respected for being peaceful patriotic people full of integrity and self respect. Not any more! Not in any country especially in Europe would a fried Felony of gluttony, corruption and theft would even dare raise his funny looking Ugly face like Rupiah who was fired from UNIP, would stand and just be looked at and get away with it. This is total stupidity. When all your neighbouring countries are building economies; in Zambia you demolishing. I do not even understand where all the intelligent and exposed young minds are! Zambia need a new blood young energetic and extremely ambitious young man not greed Double faced two days leaders like Hakahinde Hichilema, What is his vision when he could take up options given to him to merge parties for the interest of the people. That is the same reason why he would not make a good leader, good leaders sacrifice for their people. If he was doing it for the Zambia people he would have agreed to Mr. Sata’s offer to merge and he takes over after three years. That was a great sign of Gluttony.


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