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Monday, 4 May 2009

The redemption of the Auditor General's report?

Interesting to see that various wings of GRZ are now following up some areas trailed in the The Auditor General's Report . The Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Tiens Kapoma is the latest to signal that "all persons linked to theft of money in Zambia' missions abroad will be prosecuted". More on this story via The Watchdog.


  1. The Permanent Secretary's warning is long overdue and must apply to all civil servants in Zambia that have built mansions and also established businesses using misappropriated public funds. The country desperately needs a change and improvement in the manner financial resources are managed and allocated to essential competing development needs.

  2. What should happen is that when the Auditor General's Report is adopted by Parliament the AG should send all the information to the relevant investigative wings. This process should be automatic.


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