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Monday, 4 May 2009

Child Aid in Mkushi

With so much aid bashing these days, it is simple to lose sight of the great work many NGOs are taking forward in Zambia, as this new video from Mkushi illustrates :

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  1. I do not think anybody doubts that NGOs from the aid industry that do work in zambia are genuinely concerned about the people. The problem is that the aid industry has been selling itself for over 30 years now as the solution to zambian and african economic underdevelopment.The aid industry mostly treats the symptoms not the root cause of the problem of poverty.

    The solution lies with the focus on facilitating the emergence of the zambian entrepreneur and industrialists. There is a need to reframe the poverty issue in zambia away from the multi-billion dollar aid industry toward a new focus on creating a multi-billion dollar zambian entrepreneur and inustrialist lead economy.

    The aid industry is fond of using isolated successful projects in a sea of failed aid projects and initiatives as a justification for a continued focus on the ideology of charity as the solution to zambian and african underdevelopment.


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