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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Corruption Watch (Ministry of Health)

It appears the early estimates of plunder at the Ministry of Health were significantly underestimated. According to the Auditor General Anna Chifungula preliminary investigations reveal that the figure stolen by corrupt civil servants was not K10bn but something like K27 billion, with the possibility that more money might have been stolen. The Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Joshua Kanganja has revealed that  32 workers are now on forced leave. More detail via this Post article

Update : The Zambia Watchdog has more on this fast moving investigation report, suggesting that the a former First Lady may be implicated : 
Officers investigating the theft of billions of Kwacha from ministry of health have picked up former PS in that Ministry Simon Miti. The Watchdog has been informed that the police are now hunting for Henry Kapoko. Dr. Miti was said to have been at the police headquarters since 8 hours on Saturday.

Meanwhile, investigations are said to have extended to a former first lady and the bank that hosts the ministry accounts. Sources have disclosed that investigators want to know why the ministry of health is maintaining both its Foreign and Kwacha accounts at one of the smallest banks in Zambia, First Alliance Bank. Sources say that investigations have been extended to the Chief Executive Officer of First Alliance Bank Suresh Gupta. The investigators want to find out how certain payments were authorized.  

And sources have disclosed that investigative wings are probing how one former republican First Lady (wife of president) acquired K47 billion which is allegedly stashed at one of the small banks in Zambia. The investigators believe this money is part of the loot from the ministry of health.

On Thursday, local government minister Ben Tetamashimba announced that the mother of all corruption will soon be uncovered. “I am not saying the father, I am saying the mother of all corruption in Zambia will soon be uncovered,” he said.

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