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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Corruption Watch (NHCC)

I suppose its about time Zambian Economist opened a thread to record the increasing plunder of national resources (or improvement in detection, depending on your perspective) that is now being heavily trailed in the media. As well as efforts being taken to eradicate the scourge. 

We have read the Ministry of Health saga and the associated suspension of aid by SIDA and Dutch Government, but it appears this scourge has extended to the National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC)!   

The Daily Mail reported that Executive Director, Donald Chikumbi and his financial manager Richard Nyirenda have been suspended, while the commission’s human resources manager, Enos Kalenga has been dismissed with immediate effect to prepare for the audit.

I should point out that naturally it is difficult to distinguish between "mismanagement" and "corruption".  For the avoidance of doubt our "corruption watch" will include any suggested plunder of national resources, intentional or otherwise.

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