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Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday Review of Zambian Blogs

Gershom comments on MECOZ's recent attempts to re-assert itself through significant lobbying of media organisations :
By calling for a Law Association of Zambia-like statute, there are a lot of things that will need to be taken into account, such as education levels of practitioners with the very minimum being a degree. Where will it leave non-degree holders? With the lawyers, there is no short-cut. With journalism, everyone with an opinion can write. Friends (and relatives), think deeply about MECOZ and what you want before you regret a few years down the road.
We have previously discussed the MECOZ madness here

Zambia Diaspora Connect publishes the statement from Home Affairs Ministry on new passports. There's a three month concession for the Zambian diaspora but the statement is still buried in unanswered questions. The blog also published the Indaba report as well as personal experiences of  individual members of the ZDC Delegation. 

Lusaka Gossip discusses the recent corruption revelations that have been unearthed, including the K10bn debacle at the Ministry of Health :
Investigations on corruption must be extended to all the people that have constructed mansions in New Kasama and in many parts of Lusaka. Some of the people who now own the mansions are Civil Servants whose incomes can hardly afford them a one roomed shack. ...As corruption has worsened and become an institutionalized cartel, there is urgent need for all upright Zambians and other stakeholders to support President Rupiah Banda in the fight against corruption.
On a light note, Lusaka Consensus highlights some interesting YouTube Zambian videos. The explosive use of You Tube by the music industry has been the most growing area of Zambians' use of the internet. 

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