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Sunday, 10 May 2009

MoFNP Press Release : Donor Support

Press Release by the Ministry of Finance and National Planning :
Donors Disburse US$174.1m [K975 bn] Support

Lusaka, 10th May 2009. Zambia’s Cooperating Partners have disbursed US$ 96.2 Million as budget support and a further US$ 77.9 Million in project grants in the first quarter of 2009, representing over 55% disbursement out of the US$312.88 Million 2009 projected budget support and project grants scheduled to be channelled through the Treasury. Information on support channelled directly to Non-Governmental Organisations [NGO’s] and other Public and Private Sector Organisations has not been included in this media release.

The Cooperating Partners have disbursed direct budget support totalling US$96.2 Million from the projected US$120.28 Million for 2009. Of the disbursed resources, the UK Department for International Development has contributed US$29.9 Million, Norway US$25.5 Million, Sweden US$18.3 Million, The Netherlands US$12.9 Million and World Bank US$9.6 Million.

Of the US$77.9 project grants received in accordance with the cooperating partners division of labour agreed in the Joint Assistance Strategy for Zambia [JASZ], Canada has disbursed US$ 0.8 Million out of US$4.3 Million projected grant support to health and governance, Department for International Cooperation [UK] US$11.6 Million out of the projected US$25.2 Million grant support to health, HIV & AIDS, governance and humanitarian causes and Norway US$8.3 Million out of US$12.6 Million projected grant support to environmental causes, HIV & AIDS, roads development, governance, gender affairs and culture.

Sweden has disbursed US$13.2 Million out of US$27.9 Million projected grant support to energy, governance, health and agriculture, Ireland US$ US$1.6 Million out of the projected grant support totalling US$4.6 Million for water and sanitation, HIV & AIDS and governance, and Germany US$4.1 Million out of US$21.8 Million projected grant support to water and sanitation and governance. Other grant support has been received from the European Union which has disbursed US$21 Million out of US$79.2 projected grant support to agriculture, environment, roads development and health, UNFPA US$0.6 Million out of the US$3.1 projected grant support for health, macro-economic issues, gender and HIV & AIDS causes and Japan [JICA] US$6 Million out of the projected grant support of US$13.9 for agriculture, governance, education, energy, water, health and infrastructure. The total projection for 2009 to be disbursed as project grants for Sector Wide Approaches [SWAPS] in the Education and Health sectors is K644 Billion.

The sectors covered in the Joint Assistance Strategy for Zambia eligible for donor grant support in accordance with implementation expectations for key performance indicators agreed using 2005 values as the baseline, are; macro-economics, agriculture, mining, communication and meteorology, environment and natural resources, infrastructure and transport, tourism, manufacturing and industry and commerce and trade. Others are land, energy, science and technology, education and skills development, health, water supply and sanitation, housing, social protection, youth and child development and employment and labour. The rest are central administration [public sector management], local government, decentralisation, information services, foreign relations, defence, law and order, governance, HIV and AIDS, gender and food and nutrition.

The amounts above exclude an amount of US$160.1 Million disbursed by the IMF last week following completion of the first and second reviews of Zambia’s economic performance under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) arrangement as balance of payments aimed at stabilising the exchange rate. Also excluded is support disbursed in the second quarter [After March 2009] and that channelled directly to Non-Governmental Organisations [NGO’s] and other public and private sector organisations. Other projected programme loans in 2009 are K128 Billion from the African Development Bank and K87 Billion form the World Bank.

To fully capture the total public expenditure behaviour in accordance with they key performance indicators identified for each sector in the Joint Assistance Strategy for Zambia, the Ministry of Finance and National Planning is working towards strengthening the reporting and monitoring systems. To ensure a smooth process, we would like to see more commitment towards the JASZ to strengthen the results-based disbursement structure that incorporates monitoring of inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impacts so that resources could be strategically managed and progress tracked.

The Ministry of Finance and National Planning is indebted to the cooperating partners for their commendable and unwavering support to Zambia’s economic development, poverty reduction and wealth creation causes, despite suffering similar or in most cases worse effects of the global economic slow-down. We look forward to receiving the remaining projected support so that the resource capacity to meet Zambia’s socio-economic targets for 2009 is enhanced.

Chileshe Kandeta
Public Relations Officer
Ministry of Finance and National Planning
P.O Box 50062

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