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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Parastatal Madness, 4th Edition

After blogging on this here and here, I was cautiously optimistic here. Now any optimism I had left has given way to pessimism. You can change the ZESCO board, until you deal with the rotten incentives that governs it and open the market to more competition it will be slow progress.  


  1. Cho,

    We all know that the politicals have been abusing parastatals for their own ends.

    However, that does not mean that parastatals are bad, or that the private sector, without regulation, is any less corrupt or inefficient.

    What it means, is that we need rules and regulations, that separate the civil service and the executive. That is all that it means.

    The time of the private sector is over. What is needed, is to get serious about government.

    Have you read the article:

    Govt to pursue implementation of developmental programmes
    Written by Kabanda Chulu
    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    government has developed a framework for monitoring the implementation of all policies, programmes and projects that are being implemented, be it in the 2009 budget, the private sector development programme, financial sector development programme, or the triangle of hope, among other programmes."This is the direction we should be moving into - greater governance and regulation, instead of leaving everything to the private sector. Which hasn't worked after 17 years of neoliberal government, by the way.

  2. MrK,

    What is your position on ZESCO?

    What would you like to happen to ZESCO and the industry as a whole?


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