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Monday, 25 May 2009

The Politics of Poverty

"Yes! Actually, they are using us and we are not prepared to be used forever, only a fool can be used forever. I, as president for the New Generation Party, am not going to accept to be abused or used forever...We want a portion of the national cake to come to the New Generation. Ici Bemba chitila ati, pakwakana ubunga tapabenshi? Tapaba insoni. Batupeleko na ifwekalya ka K40 billion [In Bemba they say: when sharing mealie meal you should not feel shy. They should also give us part of that K40 billion]."
New Generation Party President Humphrey Siulapwa claiming that the MMD has been abusing him and his colleagues for the last five years to campaign and defend government programmes "without rewards". This truly must be the lowest form of the "politics of poverty" yet, first coined by Oswald Mphande and then ably defined by Ken Ngondo

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  1. Just as a reminder of the breakdown of parliamentary constituencies by party following the 2008 elections, here is a handy map:


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