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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Quote of the week (The JCTR)

"....involvement in politics has come to mean demeaning the other persons from different parties vying for the same position. To participate in key government positions such as Cabinet member, permanent secretaries, foreign service and even district commissioners, one must be from ruling party, or be incorporated into the ruling party after having left their parties..So those members that pay the most allegiance to the President easily get such positions with little consideration of their capacity to perform in the position...."
- The JCTR (The Post)

1 comment:

  1. I guess the problem is that we're still stuck with the one party state machinery. No decentralisation of power or subsidiarity, and that goes for legal powers and budgets.

    The only solution is to make the office of the Presidedent less powerful.

    1) Decentralization
    2) Professionalisation

    A legal framework for parastatals that guarantees their independence from politics, no political appointments to management positions, fines for non-payment by government offices; promotions in the civil service from within the civil service, and no appointment by the president, promotions based on merit.

    And lastly, the promotion of a strong indigenous business sector, which would give the opportunities to business people that they now seek in politics. How many ministers are not also in business, or have business interests?

    So the answers is governance.


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