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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Road Sector Infrastructure Finance : Disbursements Q1 2009

Information on funds availed to road works in Zambia for the period January to March 2009. This sort of information allows people to track how the funds are being spent. One hope that we'll now see these sorts of releases routinely done across government.  


  1. Hot in Place (HIR) Asphalt Recycling by Canadian company Martec, as demonstrated by this 5 minute video,, has the potential to make road maintenance far more time and materials efficient at a lower cost than standard asphalt pavements. Having more sustainable construction of existing roads will help in finding funds for expanding the transport net to unserved areas. The upfront costs to purchase the equipment would be rapidly repaid by the higher efficiency of the system. [Note: Martec is not the only manufacturer of such equipment, they just had a good video, this is not a product endorsement, more a process endorsement.]

  2. Transporting freight from Lusaka to Durban by truck averages 12 km per hour due to delays, resulting in a loss of $50 million per year given traffic volumes:


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