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Monday, 25 May 2009

ZIBAC Resolutions

The FlavaFM blog carries a good summary of the main "resolutions" from the recently held Zambia International Business Advisory Council (ZIBAC), as narrated by Evans Chibiliti :

    1. The Zambia Wildlife Authority and tourism department should quickly be restructured.
    2. Zambia should urgently complement investment in extension services, research, rural roads and irrigation in order for it to achieve meaningful economic progress.
    3. The conference also called for a predictable export policy, especially for food grains and to improve land tenure systems and security of title.
    4. For infrastructure enhancement, it was recommended that there should be cost-effective tariffs at Zesco, while managing it commercially, reviewing efficiency and reviewing the firm’s salary structure.
    5. For petroleum, creating a tax regime to contribute to an enabling environment and establishing sufficient petroleum storage capacity across the country for a uniform pricing are necessary.
    6. In telecommunications, there is need to submit three Information communication and technology bills to Parliament by August 2009 and to reduce international gateway fees by December this year.
    7. The gathering also felt the need to formulate a responsive business model and restructuring for a viable competitive company to commence by June 2009, besides addressing the cost of restructuring.
    8. The conference also recommended revamping operations of bulk transportation through railway and called for infrastructure rehabilitation.
    9. In labour law reforms, the tripartite council agreed that redundancy packages, employment rights, decent work, employment security and casualisation should be dealt with.
    10. The delegates called for high-level political will and accountability from the president’s office for private sector development reforms to take place.

Resolutions 3, 5 & 6 are certainly areas we have been pushing for. 4, 7 & 8 are absolutely disappointing and don't fully address the structural problems. In particular, 8 needed to focus on changing the underlying of bulk road users towards greater rail investment, as we have previously discussed. Lack of time prevents me from providing the appropriate URLs to the relevant posts, but regular contributors should be able to verify via usual searches / tag cloud.

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