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Friday, 12 June 2009

Global Peace Index 2009

The Global Peace Index for 2009. Zambia is the sixth most peaceful nation in Africa. I have my doubts.  I fail to see how South Africa is less peaceful than Ivory Coast, even if one takes into account the recent riots. 

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  1. Cho,

    The Peace Index always seems to produce some odd results every year. Apparently the Economist Intelligence Unit knows something the rest of us don't about how "at peace" a given nation is with itself and its neighbors. In the case of South Africa, I think that the overall ranking has much to do with high scores in a few isolated metrics (there are 23 indicators, each given an importance weighting of 1-5 by a panel, and the 144 countries are rated solely in relation to each other to determine rankings). The particular indicators that are elevating S.A.'s score are: level of organized internal conflict, perceptions of criminality in society, number of homicides per capita, level of violent crime, ease of access to weapons of minor destruction, and military capability/sophistication.


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