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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Linking Zambia (Zambia Unite 4 Change)

A new "movement" or "pressure group" is born apparently with the aim of "chart[ing] a new course for a better Zambia tomorrow, [that] will represent interests of all Zambians for a corrupt free government, competent delivery and implementation of priority projects (in health care, education, poverty reduction, etc) and will fight for equal opportunities and justice for all Zambian children, who are the future." More information on their website - Zambia Unite for Change.


  1. Cho,
    I checked this one out. Great ideas! Somehow the movement is anonymous - no indication about any drafting or enterim committee members. This might cause problems because some people are afraid to join behind the scene movements. Even initiatives like - Diaspora Connect, which was aggressively seeking for participants, had problems of recognition at the beginning. Zambians, especially those abroad are very cautious.

  2. Doc,

    Naturally, I happen to know one or two individuals linked to this initiative.

    We'll liaise offline.

    An idea they probably need to explore is to link this to some form of new think that combine the movement with real tangible ideas.

  3. Cho

    A good start, but could do better by removing elements that tempt one to conclude that the originators have a medical background going by emphasis placed on "hospitals and clinics". Why not talk of infrastructure in general then sub-setting health centres, schools, roads, railways etc in there?

    A good beginning though.

  4. Chisomo,


    I am guessing there's a political element!

    I should say..I only know someone who knows someone supposedly taking forward the project...a blogger's gossip!

    But I gather they are taking questions via the facebook page...

  5. The feedback section of the main website has a Given Chiluba who explains that :

    "No, this is not a political party. It is a movement to take zambia back and put it on the right track through advocacy for good governance. A pressure group - all political parties welcome."

    That was in response to whether they are replacing CDP


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