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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Regional Infrastructure Developments

We have been discussing a lot of infrastructure lately, so it is only right that we bring together some interesting stories breaking in the region on this :

Angola's Albano Machado airport apparently will undergo refurbishment work in order for it to serve as an alternative to Luanda airport in bad weather. Part of the plans is to ensure that it is provided with facilities that would allow it to receive aircraft Airbus 380. More detail via MacauHub

Another Macauhub report that Mozambique may be linked to Angola by railroad via Zambia. The rail link apparently depends on the conclusion, over a distance of 2 kilometers of the railways line between Malawi and Zambia. According to Mozambican Ministry sources, "the link with several countries, particularly those with no sea border, will make the port of Nacala viable, in that there would be more opportunities for use of the port of Nacala by economic agents from those countries". We have previously discussed the major investments planned at Nicala here.

An important project muted last month which we didn't pick up on is the planned Zambezi Waterway. Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique are planning to navigate the mighty Zambezi river's waterways by 2009 as an alternative and cheap transport route for imports and exports from and to the three southern African countries. Malawi is appears to be at the forefront of this project. More detail via IPS.

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  1. The navigable portion of the Zambezi and its tributaries is 460 miles out of the 1,650 mile length of the river. There are barriers such as cataracts, rapids and sandbars not to mention hydroelectric dams in the unnavigable portion.


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