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Monday, 6 July 2009

Corruption Watch (Road Development Agency), 2nd Edition

Attention now turns to the Road Development Agency, with the latest revealation from the Auditor General’s Office that a team of auditors is to probe concerns by the donor community on the K1.5 trillion over-procurement of projects by the Road Development Agency (RDA) in 2008. The Post sources at the RDA suggest that "the audit would be detailed and that it would even include a probe on how much money was being paid to the road agency’s board members". More detail via this Post article.

For other corruption cases we are "watching" see the corruption tag.

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  1. I am personally not surprised about the donor community's concern. But government officials should desist from giving answers to every question they are asked because sometimes the opposite of their claims has usually been established. For instance how do they explain the swindle of K900m that was about to occur in Eastern Province involving RDA officers? That was not just a tip of an iceberg coz it reveals that there must be a cartel that has been going on within RDA for a long time except may be in other cases some of these officials might have been beneficiaries so they would choose not say a thing about it.
    The donor community's concern should not be trivialised. I think it is on this blog that Dr Chitala's concern of how that Zambian road works and other construction projects are the most expensive yet of low grade within the region. So the quetsion of why the projects should be so expensive and of low quality must be addressed as well. One really wonders what the duty of NCC is if not also to work as a watchdog in weighing the costs vs outputs so that GRZ does not continue to lose a lot of funds.


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