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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Online Petition : Chansa Kabwela

A new petition in support of Chansa Kabwela and against the Government's oppression of independent journalists (and our women). Chansa bravely exposed the plight of a woman delivering a child on the streets following a strike by the health workers.

You can access the petition here.


  1. Shame on this goverment. Any intimidation and threats on Chansa and the post will never work. Justice should prevail.Viva Chansa, Viva the Post!

  2. I suppose we get the Government we

  3. I hear a woman gave birth in a Police Cell because she was denied bail by a woman police officer? This is yet another blow to the decent women of Zambia! I would like to think there were people surrounding this woman during her ordeal, however would anyone in their right mind brand the scene 'pornographic'? It's a pity that the authorities have not made much progress on providing decent public services on healthcare. Just imagine, instead of healthcare being a priority it represents only 11.9% of our Total budget, yet other General Public Services including Executive and Legislation represents a whooping 31.8%. This is absurd!

  4. The only crime Chansa committed was being human! Thank you for highlighting a situation that needed to be arrested before another mother finds herself in the same situation and the consciousnesses would have been worse. In Zambia the maternal mortality rate is 728 per 100,000 live births, this is unacceptable.

  5. Mr Rupia Banada. I would have thought a man in your power would know the definition of PORNOGRAPHY.

    Pornography or porn is the depiction of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual excitement.

    Do you really think Chansa Kabwela was trying to use pictures of a poor woman giving birth in a parking lot as an arousal tool. Come On!!! To each his own but do you think that would work??? Leave her alone and attend to your health care matters. Be a humanitarian and say sorry to the woman who lost her child and maybe compensate her with something.

  6. For God sake Mr President Rupiah Bwezani Banda, please do not hold your people back and keep them in the dark ages of primitive knowledge and ignorance. It is obvious to even the blind that Chansa Kabwela was only trying to educate and open Zambia’s eye to the seriously dangerous plight of pregnant women in Zambia. Now the whole world can see that Mr President, I believe you can too, unless you are really blind to the truth! Please drop these politically motivated charges and let knowledge and truth reign – free your people’s minds - set my people free!
    Gerald La Touche JP (Magistrate UK, member Amnesty International)

  7. What a disgrace

  8. What do you expect from a man whose role model is Robert Mugabe?

  9. 'Anonymous',

    What do you expect from a man whose role model is Robert Mugabe?

    You mean he is going to take back the mines?

    Both Presidents have my support for that.

    It is time that Africa starts to develop, and that is not going to happen when the land, mines and industries are in foreign hands. And go completely untaxed.


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